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简介:加 151507584 213766353和 70471126



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简介:三亚大东海景区是免费开放式景区,位于三亚市榆林港和鹿回头之间,是国家4A景区及“中国四十佳景之一”。大东海海岸线长2.9公里,整个海湾呈半月形,景区内海滨娱乐设施齐全,有许多游玩项目,还有各种特色美食,不仅让您感受到大东海如画般的风景,还在味蕾上最大满足您的需求。吃喝玩乐,尽在三亚大东海景区! Sanya Dadonghai Scenic Area is a free open scenic area which is located between Yulin Port and Luhuitou in Sanya City. It is a national 4A scenic area and one of the “40 Best Views in China”. The coastline of Dadonghai is 2.9 kilometers long and the whole bay is half-moon shaped. Within the area, there are complete entertainment amenities, plenty attractions and rides, as well as various special cates which will not only let you feel the picturesque scenery of Dadonghai but also fully fill all your needs on your taste buds. Eat, drink, and have fun in Sanya Dadonghai Scenic Area!

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简介:欧速通(SprintPack China)是由英国电子商务物流综合服务平台商P2P Mailing Limited与欧洲卡车干线网络运输及电商物流服务公司SprintPack Belgium 共同出资在香港成立的P2P HKG Limited的在华全资子公司; 欧速通依托两大母公司在欧洲的品牌与资源,立足中国市场,为中国及全球电子商务企业提供进出口双向的、一站式跨境物流解决方案; SprintPack is your partner in eCommerce and provides a unique range of domestic and international delivery and pickup point solutions for eCommerce parcels, eCommerce return shipping solutions, eCommerce fulfilment and webservices. SprintPack operates worldwide with distribution centers in Belgium for the European market and Beijing for the Chinese market.


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简介:骏圻(上海)办公科技有限公司,我司属有两个工厂,一个生产、经销(出口和内销)PS/PP/亚克力等旨在替代木制的单框、组合整体相框、相框墙;另外一个工厂生产装订耗材、装订机等办公用品。所有产品畅销欧美,品质保证。出口十年,从未有任何退货和投诉。合理的价格,精致的包装,周到的服务,愿与您共创未来!Binditek(shanghai) Co., LTD., our company has two factories, one production, distribution, export and domestic sales of PS/PP/acrylic designed to replace the wooden box, combination the overall frame, frame wall; Another factory production of binding material, binding machines and other office supplies. All the products sell well in Europe and the United States, quality assurance. Export 10 years, there has never been any returns and complaints. Reasonable price, exquisite packaging, thoughtful service, is willing to work with you to create a better future。


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简介:Provide international students the latest information on China 淘最中国,BLIMEY!!


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简介:As part of Orange strategy to be close to the innovation clusters of the world, Orange has set up Orange Labs Beijing in China in 2004. To be recognized as one of the best world class international Labs, Beijing Lab is to develop innovative devices, applications, services and excels in advanced technologies which could bring more values to Orange Group. Orange Labs Beijing currently focuses on the areas which have great potential and strategic value for Orange Group. Located in one of the fastest growth economies of the world, Beijing Lab takes advantage of the dynamic and rapid developing telecom market in China and concentrates on scouting advanced technology and innovative service evolution among ecosystem.

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简介:Dalian Smile Chinese International Training Center Splendid Global Chinese Training Expert Making your Chinese as beautiful as your smile! |微笑汉语品牌的荣誉 The Ten Years' Glory of Smile Chinese 中国十大优秀汉语机构 Top 10 Chinese Language Training Institutes in China 大连对外汉语协会理事单位 A Dalian Chinese Learning Institute Governing Unit 大连500强企业汉语培训基地 Dalian top 500 Global Corporations Training Base 全球汉教协会会员 Member of Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages(TCSOL) 国际汉语教师ICLTA大连授权考试中心 International Chinese Teachers( ICLTA) Authorised Test Center. HSK汉语水平考试中国汉办指定考点 HSK Chinese Level Test Center Authorized by HanBan 大连市政府指定高校人才就业基地 Dalian Government Designated University Talents Employment Base 国家汉语网络孔子学院在线教学合作机构 Hanban Confucius Institute online--Online teaching cooperation institution


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