#NEB每日单词# Today's word is interaction .The interaction between the kinesin and microtubule can be taken as the coupling among the dipoles. "今日单词是驱动蛋白。驱动蛋白和微管之间的相互作用可看作偶极子-偶极子的耦合作用。 "O网页链接

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#NEB每日单词# Today's word is ribozyme. A ribozyme is an RNA molecule that is capable of performing specific biochemical reactions, similar to the action of protein enzymes.今日单词核酶。核酶是像蛋白酶类一样具有催化功能的RNA分子。O网页链接

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#NEB每日单词# Today's word is Calmodulin. Calmodulin (CaM)is a calcium-binding messenger protein expressed in all eukaryotic cells. 今日单词是钙调蛋白。钙调蛋白是一种能与钙离子结合的蛋白质,普遍存在真核生物细胞中。 O网页链接

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#NEB每日单词# Today's word is extracellular matrix. Extracellular matrix is in the dynamic balance of supersession and remodeling. "今日单词是细胞外基质。细胞外基质处于不断代谢更新、降解重构的动态平衡中。 " O网页链接

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#NEB每日单词# Today's word is epidermal growth factor(EGF).EGF is a low-molecular-weight polypeptide first purified from the mouse submandibular gland. 今日单词是表皮生长因子,表皮生长因子最初是从小鼠的下颌腺提取的一种低分子量的多肽。 O网页链接

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#NEB每日单词# Today's word is cluster differentiation .DC cell can process and present antigen by antigenic determinant combined with MHC-I or MHC-II molecule at the same time. O网页链接

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#NEB每日单词# Today's word is hybridoma. In 1975, KOhler and Milstein have developped hybridoma technique for producting monoclonal antibody ( McAb ) 今日单词是杂交瘤。1975年KOhler和Milstein建立了杂交瘤技术制备了单克隆抗体 ( McAb ). NEB20121109 O网页链接

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#NEB每日单词# Today's word is chromatids.At this point each chromosome consist of a pair of chromatids and the two associated chromosomes are termed a tetrad. 今日单词染色单体。此时每条染色体由一对染色单体构成,这两条联合的染色体称为四分体。O网页链接

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#NEB每日单词# Today's word is cytokines . Interferons (IFNs) are cytokines that have immunomodulatory, anti-proliferation, and antivirus ability. 今日单词是细胞因子。干扰素是具有免疫调节,抗细胞增生,以及抗病毒感染能力的细胞因子。 O网页链接

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#NEB每日单词# Today's word is Apoptosis. Apoptosis-inducing factor (AIF) is a mi-tochondrial intermembrane space flavoproteln. "今日单词是凋亡。凋亡诱导因子(apoptosis-inducing factor,AIF)是位于线粒体膜间隙的一种黄素蛋白。 "O网页链接

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#NEB每日单词#Today's word is antigen presenting cells (APCs) .Dendritic cells (DCs) are the most important antigen-presenting cells in vivo, which have unique immune function.单词是抗原递呈细胞。树突状细胞(DC)是体内最重要的抗原递呈细胞,具有独特的免疫学功能O网页链接

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#NEB每日单词# Today's word is Inosine.A nitrogenous base.Sometimes found in tRNA anti-codons,where it has the ability to recognize three different bases at the third position in the codon. O网页链接

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#NEB每日单词# Today's word is C-terminus.The end of a polypeptide containing a carboxyl group. 今日单词C末端。多肽上含有羧基的末端。 O网页链接

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#NEB每日单词# Today's word is Carboxyl group.Acidic chemical group in which acarbon atom is bound to two oxygen atoms 今日单词羧基。一个碳原子连接到两个氧原子上形成的酸性化学基团。 O网页链接

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