Top: squid (い), bottom: Hirame (平目). The Ika was amazingly creamy n sweet. Yummy!! #烏賊 #平目 #sush @ O网页链接

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いく - salmon roe #nakamura # # #寿司 #sushi #salmonroe #tokyo #michelin #yum #heaven #sogood # @ OInstagram

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中村さん、最高の寿司先生 @ O网页链接

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Nakamura San, truly skillful sushi master yet humble and low profile, always reliable and solid w @ O网页链接

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玉子 Tamago @ Sushi Nakamura, Tokyo. This is exactly like a fluffy and slightly spongy custar @ O网页链接

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秋刀魚と平目つみれ汁 Sanma and Hirame Tsumere Jiro - Pacific Saury and Sole fishball soup @ Sushi Nak @ O网页链接

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いくと舞茸 Ikura and maitake on rice @ Sushi Nakamura, Tokyo. It's an interesting combination w @ O网页链接

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車海老 Kuruma ebi ー not as sweet and fresh in flavor as say Saito and texture was moist but slightly @ O网页链接

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赤うに (佐賀県) Aka uni (Red Sea Urchin) From Saga Prefecture @ Sushi Nakamura. This was also exc @ O网页链接

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赤身 Akami (Lean Tuna) @ Sushi Nakamura. Very very soft and tender, and rather savory from th @ O网页链接

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さん @ . Nakamura san in nigiri action. I must say just talking about nigiri making actions he is O网页链接

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