How Deng Xiaoping Helped Create a Corrupt China

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Ezra Fogel: Deng Xiaoping has the most impact on the history of 20th century inthe world

Deng Xiaoping's birth. Just two days before the memorial day...

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Sub-anchor: Deng Xiaoping in the eyes of foreign leaders


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【直播:邓小平大街——发现吉尔吉斯斯坦的改革印记】In the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, a business street is named after late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping. It commemorates Deng's contribution to China's reform and opening-up. #Kyrgyzstan# #SCO2019# CGTN的微博直播 . ​

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My biological father is Deng Xiaoping and my biological mother is Pu Anxiu. This is what my adoptive father told me. I don't care whose queen I am. My biological father didn't want me to be queen. All my names have explained everything. ​

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有的决策确实是影响很大,比如邓小平提出改革开放,有的思维确实是影响很大,比如发现自己新的思维Some of the decisions really have a great impact, such as Deng Xiaoping's proposal of reform and opening up, and some of his thinking has a great impact, such as discovering his new thinki ​ 展开全文c

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[笑cry]这是个什么宝藏乐队 Brazzaville《Deng XiaopingO网页链接 @QQ音乐 KDeng Xiaoping

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看邓小平传看得我兴奋异常,牛逼的人总是经历了无数的苦难,但永远都乐观实际对未来充满希望。看这些人的经历往往给予我无穷的力量。强烈推荐Ezra Vogel写的Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China,史料丰富,语言简洁诙谐,评价客观,不愧是费正清的嫡传弟子,哈佛大学终身教授的title名不虚 ​ 展开全文c

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26 April 1984, President Ronald Reagan arrived in Beijing to start a six-day state visit — the first by an American president since Richard Nixon in 1972.  He was accompanied by his wife Nancy, and is pictured here with Deng Xiaoping. ​

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Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China

中国现代史扫盲。 ​​​
“概括起来就是三句话,第一句话冷静观察;第二句话稳住阵脚;第三句话沉着应付,不要急,也急不得,要冷静再冷静,埋头苦干做好一件事,我们自己的事。” ​

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You know if he dies, there will get more attention than when Deng Xiaoping died. O网页链接

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傅高义签名本邓爷爷传Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China[微笑]

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#坤哥英语# #Quote of the day# Deng Xiaoping~ Young leading cadres have risen up by helicopter. They should really rise step by step. ​

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#西语关键词#“一个中心,两个基本点”“Un centro y dos puntos básicos”;“三步走”发展战略La estrategia de desarrollo de tres pasos;邓小平南方谈话 Las palabras de Deng Xiaoping durante su inspección por el sur del país ​

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“You know Deng Xiaoping? She is the president of our country. She is also come from Sichuan...”我英语不好,但是我感觉...旁边不知道在跟谁视讯的这个姑娘铁定要歇菜了[允悲]不过因为语法问题还是因为政治问题就不知道了。 ​

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He explained that the leaders must be judged within the context of the circumstances they counter and then went on to share his view of how difficult it is to lead Russia and why he thought Putin was doing it well. He also reflected on his unique relationship with Deng Xiaoping, ​ 展开全文c

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Deng Xiaoping
August 22, 1904
Passed away:
February 19, 1997
Lived 33,784 days
Set the record for longest-living supreme leader in China’s 5000-year history
This record will be broken tomorrow.
+1s ​​​[并不简单]

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发布了头条文章:《Recalling Comrade Deng Xiaoping (Pingshui Rhyme) [Seven Rules]》 ORecalling Comrade Deng Xiaoping (Pingshui Rhyme) [Seven Rules]

Recalling Comrade Deng Xiaoping (Pingshui Rhyme) [Seven Rules] 翠微樂府

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