The balance of probability, feasibility, and expectability. Rising a dream regardless if it is possible, and then figure out how and what could make it come true, finally, combine with expectations. Technology, methodology and management. ​

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#晚安##灯具设计#BinDesign 设计工作室坐标荷兰阿姆斯特丹,他们的设计哲学是寻求产品简约与功能性的和谐统一,灵感来自于对大千世界中自然景物、人物、变化的观察,希望产品能与使用者之间有互动。这款「上升天平烛台」(Rising Balance Candleholder)就是他们设计的一个有趣的互动小物件。 ​

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#晚安##灯具设计#设计二人组laura bin近日推出了一款“rising balance candleholder’(上升天平烛台)”,试图借此直观描绘出土与火两大元素之间的动态关系。这款形似天平的烛台由三个黄铜组件组成,组件均由水刀切割,再经过精密打磨抛光,最终由手工折叠而成。天平一侧放置蜡烛,另一侧则是一块光滑 ​ 展开全文c

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CS on Japan: pension reallocation over, locals buying abroad w/ strong JPY, rising CA balance. ​

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BAML FMS - Investors wanting balance sheet improvement gradually rising

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Charts show most immediate problem in 中国 economy. Interest rates rising despite falling investment. As interest rate shows balance between demand for investment and supply of funds for investment this means investment funds supply in economy has fallen. ​

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My free time?不能再在浑浑噩噩中消磨。重拾小提琴,希望我能在音乐、运动与学术三者之间keep the balance……rising!!! ​

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夜读笔记•All rising to great place is by a winding stair;and if there be factions,it is good to side a man's self whilst he is in the rising,and to balance himself when he is Francis Bacon@兔主席

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FAW Volkswagen Audi plans to sell around 400,000 Audis in China this year Dominique Boesch, general sales manager for FAW-Volkswagen Audi, believes that increasing demand from second- and third-tier markets will help balance the rising ... O网页链接 @奥迪汇 @奥迪Q5

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