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hang in therewe are getting there...

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刚刚看一个看不太懂的emo单口的时候听到的印象深刻的两句:Tomorrow is a relative term. We are not getting there.
本重度拖延症患者的真实写照 ​

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Pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin called desire. There’s no pleasure without pain. Pleasure comes from getting what we desire, but desiring something means that we don’t have it. And realizing that we don’t have something we want is painful. As long as we’re ch ​ 展开全文c

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艾福杰尼《are we getting thereKare we getting there@网易云音乐)这首歌可以拯救三个月的歌慌了[牛哞哞]

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There are people being killed and bombed and I’m getting my nails done

What a world we live in ​

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艾福杰尼《are we getting thereKare we getting there@网易云音乐)循序渐进注意呼吸节奏 ​

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#are we getting there[音乐]# ​

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艾福杰尼《are we getting thereKare we getting there@网易云音乐
#球球听歌# 我又要搞一些东西了 每周只听一种歌 每天只循环听一首 这周只听说唱 下周我也不知道听什么 选歌的标准只有一个:我喜欢的[哈欠]

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欲望与抑郁?艾福杰尼-《Are we getting there

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Daily Single

// are we getting there

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TOP2《没时间流眼泪》@王以太不闪火 @艾热AIR_uugabiz
TOP3 《昨天的月亮是圆的》@郭采洁
TOP5《are we getting there》 ​ 展开全文c

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#are we getting there[音乐]#
无语 ​

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Aquarevo has planted a flowering plum tree in the front of our land. We had temporary fence around to protect the land and get it ready to build. We are getting there. ​

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