Teenage Band Tries to Rock CN Amid Layers of Authoritarian Rule


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Because of the authoritarian,so we are liber


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Can Authoritarian Capitalism Outlive Lee Kuan Yew?


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我怎么才看到这篇 你毕说当年巡演到中国的时候粉丝和保安有矛盾 "It's amazing that you can go to somewhere like China and actually feel part of some anti-authoritarian vibe and that was very much what pushed Placebo forward in the early days. " 原文O网页链接

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我的状况大抵是authoritarian style和uninvolved style的家教中长大的孩子的并集,struggle both academically and socially, make poor life decisions, grow up not trusting others, grow up with low self-esteem, hostile and aggressive towards their parents这几点超级明显( ​

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No wonder, then, that officials are keen to boost revenues. Authoritarian regimes typically prefer indirect levies such as consumption taxes, not least because these are less likely to arouse resentment than income tax. If the government manages to expand the ranks of taxpayers, ​ 展开全文c

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“For many reasons, the Marxist Left provided an important base of those intellectuals trying to confront their countries' authoritarian histories -- at least in states Communist did not rule” ​

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我现在管sovereign power叫社会主义特产power,当然真正社会主义特色产品是sovereign power是怎么被移植到全面surveillance mechanism上面的,这产生的到底叫什么,我打算很老套地叫totalitarian-authoritarian

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China might be an exception, a country with both authoritarian and free market . ​

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The Quest for Community:In eras of intense individualism and weak communal ties,Atomized and rootless people are more likely to embrace authoritarian ideologies and more likely to seek the protection of an omnicompetent state. ​

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The case has cast a spotlight on China’s authoritarian system, and the government’s willingness to disregard international norms and borders in its pursuit of domestic goals.


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家长类型分为权威性(authoritative parents)专制型(authoritarian parents)放任型(indulgent parents)忽视型(neglectful parents)。看来看去,我是第一种。[doge]

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“Mr.Xi seems to believe that China has been so successful that the party can return to its authoritarian past.” ​​​

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Larry Diamond: Confronting Authoritarian Challengers—China and Russia

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"Authoritarian foreign investment can pose a direct threat to democratic and economic development" Corrosive Capital in Central Asia: Perpetuating Poor Governance O网页链接 投资 中亚 治理 ​

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“Lippmann was an influential spokesman for a cultural movement which was often elitist, authoritarian and racist. However, Grierson rejected Lippmann’s ideas, which he characterised as ‘the intel- lectual’s case against the people’, and argued, instead, that the arguments pu ​ 展开全文c

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China is an authoritarian state prone to overreaction. ​

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