【由周迅主演的苹果春节大片《女儿》刷屏网络】Chinese internet users have been applauding and forwarding an Apple Spring Festival promotional video for its delicate and culturally sensitive storytelling.

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【I made an open-source anonymous email forwarding service】O网页链接 一个开源的匿名邮件转发服务。 ​

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【Day3】 近三年各大高校翻译硕士真题、中国日报、北京周报、卢敏热词、热门外刊及领导人讲话高频词汇短语精选:(冲刺翻译基础英汉词条互译30分)

1、婚检premarital health checkup
2、民政部the Ministry of Civil Affairs
3、活禽live poultry
4、呼叫转移call forwarding来电显示 caller ID 呼叫 ​ 展开全文c

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One good adaptation, its lyric successfully makes me burst into laughing out loud[笑cry][笑cry][笑cry]

I never feel bored at home, I get plenty of interesting things to do!
But i have to admit that the adapted song tells a fact that the corona life/self quarantine ​ 展开全文c

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flukepongsatorn ❤️because of the Myss live broadcast on 9 April , I login Facebook to ‘like’ the post, Then I look back at the previous forwarding from Fluke. He likes children, he likes animals, and he has a very humorous and funny soul. I'm sure he'll be a good frie ​ 展开全文c

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Every time i open your Weibo comments and forwarding, I feel very happy to see so many people like you, believe you, and support you. Baby, you have to believe that there are still many people like you,good night babe💚


大家好,我是泰国演员 Win Methawin.
关于最近在微博上发生的争议,引起了一些人的不满,也让很多粉丝感到不安。我希望向大家表示我诚挚的歉意,并且跟大家解释一下事实情况。在我的个人社交媒体,一般看到我的好友来给我评论时我会快速顺手给他们点赞,有时根本没注意到他们写的内容。这次的情况也是 ​ 展开全文c

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上海领养Pujiang Auntie Wang's 2020 Ver. 3 Cats and Dogs Adoption Day will be held on 18 April at Pudong, 2651 Hunan Road, Xinchao. Please come and join us! Let's help homeless cats and dogs to find a new home! Forwarding this message to your friends will be highly appre ​ 展开全文c

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【Using Twilio to make a call forwarding and voice messaging system】O网页链接 使用Twilio进行呼叫转移和语音消息系统。网路冷眼技术分享

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#QianhaiDaily# 【Qianhai becomes central warehouse for cargo consolidation】Enterprises can now complete collection, forwarding, distribution and consolidation of international cargos in Qianhaiwan Free Trade Port Area after the Qianhai central warehouse consolidation service was ​ 展开全文c

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Video forwarding from連詩雅Instagram Lhiutung_so的微博视频

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奇安信技术研究院郑晓峰与合作完成的关于域名系统(DNS)攻击的学术论文被世界顶级学术会议USENIX Security 2020 录用:《转发服务污染的困境——针对DNS转发设备的缓存污染攻击(Poison Over Troubled Forwarders: A cache Poisoning Attack Targeting DNS Forwarding Devices)》。论文提出了针对DNS ​ 展开全文c

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有时候就是这样,你会遇到一些状况,打开普通社交网站,显示 503,既不是那个小罐强力胶 502,也不是谁的宿舍 501。欧 503,它并不孤单,它跟着小尾巴 forwarding failure, 还有 more privoxy. 好吧好吧,网页无法打开 503 ​

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That night the dream long given up years before was, like a borrowed book, fi nally being returned after sundry roundabouts and forwarding mishaps. Without kn ​ 展开全文c

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Boys are stupid. They should keep going and not looking back. When girls said they are done with you that really means done. Don’t waste time playing another girl while loving the dream girl. Keep forwarding stupid boys. ​

03月20日 23:08  来自 iPhone

Two ways of ssh port forward chaining:

Connect from home to gateway, forwarding localhost:1521 on home via gateway to localhost:PORT.

Connect from gateway to desktop, forwarding localhost:PORT on gateway via desktop to dbserver:1521.

home$ ssh -ftL 1521:localhost:PORT gateway ​ 展开全文c

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In time of crisis now, (1) obey the order; (2) stay at home; (3) stop forwarding WhatsApp messages of unknown author; and (4) keep your mouth shut (your opinion is not needed).

Dalam keadaan krisis sekarang, (1) patuhi perintah; (2) berada dalam rumah; (3) jangan lanjutkan mesej ​ 展开全文c

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Mr. Yojiro, turn me over, please give me a compliment on this forwarding point, thank you! ! !

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去了那麼多次Spiral居然都沒發現,看到Ins黃色和箭頭吐司包的拼色真是越看越喜歡啊,自己去官網搞了一遍Oversea delivery到最後居然很婉轉地說只能Forwarding[摊手]

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才知道ssh agent forwarding这种东西... 感觉窟窿就是这么被我这种不懂安全的默默留下来的[笑cry]

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🈲二改 🈲发外网❗
🚫No forwarding without permission‼️ ​

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