In time of crisis now, (1) obey the order; (2) stay at home; (3) stop forwarding WhatsApp messages of unknown author; and (4) keep your mouth shut (your opinion is not needed).

Dalam keadaan krisis sekarang, (1) patuhi perintah; (2) berada dalam rumah; (3) jangan lanjutkan mesej ​ 展开全文c

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1.Our professionally trained sfaff will process your order at once by forwarding themto stockbrokers .我们有专业人员报价及安排股票买卖。
2.Stock transactions can be directly done by account transfers ,so it will save you extra trips.所有股票买卖的收支均可通过您在 ​ 展开全文c

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P3riwinkleOcean RT @keihissi: UMJ only ships to a Japanese address. You need a forwarding site like tenso in orderO网页链接

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A:Sure. You can simply call oursecruities hotlines .Our professionally trained staff will process your order at once by forwarding them to stockbrokers. B:那么购入股票的手续怎么办理? 我不希望花太多的时间到贵行办理股票买卖手续。 ​

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发表了博文 《SAP运输管理(Transportation Management)无法在FWO中为main carriage stage选择schedule》 - 编辑Forwarding Order OSAP运输管理(Transportation Management)无法在FWO中为maincarriagestage选择schedu

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I'm forwarding you this invoice as we require payment for this order. I know James is looking to have this order turned around quickly so please remit payment to prevent any delays in this order. Thank you #外贸英语##业务技巧#跟客人收钱的好说法 ​

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//@阿里巴巴国际: 转发微博//@阿里巴巴出口通:【每日一读】外贸各种证明以及单证:分析证书 certificate of analysis,订单确认 acknowledgement of order,银行转帐指示 instructions for bank transfer,货运说明 forwarding instructions。 - 原文地址:O网页链接

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