People get up every day and tell themselves they're gonna change their life one day. But they never do.每天,人们起床后都会告诉自己,总有一天要改变自己的生活,可是,没人付诸行动。 ​

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【口译·素质提升】成为一名口译员需要具备哪些品质,AIIC诸位译员老师这么说: 1.quick thinking with your nerve 3. Analyze your listening 4. intellectual curiosity 5.command of mother tongue 6. the ability to communicate 7. constantly renew themselves 8.get well-prepared [加油]展开全文c

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Inspiring: No One Will Hire Former Trump Staffers, But Now They Get to Pull Themselves Up by Their Bootstraps# 树倒猢狲散,川P助理如今难找工作。O网页链接

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is there an “anti-body shame” kpi in weibo so that they can get themselves living
收手吧,这么教育女性不如在热搜上提醒人类如何尊重个体同胞 ​

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"Your nemeses will defeat themselves before you get the chance to swing."
[耶]Klong story short

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【唯美英语】"People get up every day and tell themselves they’re going to change their lives and they never do." -The Town (2010) “人们每天起床时都告诉自己要有所改变,但从未实现。”——《城中大盗》(2010) 早安! ​

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Don't expect Don't expect too much of anything. If the expectation value is too high, it will be very uncomfortable, so if there is no hope, it will not be disappointed. People should get used to loneliness and be alone with themselves. ​

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[A Word from the Master] When people are trapped in a negative emotion, it is really hard to get out by themselves alone. ​

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太过妄自尊大be just too full of themselves
放下身段get off their high horses ​

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我笑死我笑死 侃爷的那几个直男癌粉丝呢?那几个天天Kimye是真爱,砍耶傻黑甜的sb欧美juan营销号呢?泰勒斯karma也太过真实了吧看我id哈 #kanyewestisoverparty##砍爷 j姐#

Your nemeses, will defeat themselves before you get the chance to swing ​

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You know, people get up everyday, do the same thing, they tell themselves they change their life one day, they never do. [二哈]

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Expecting people to feel sorry for them is downright manipulative.[拜拜][拜拜][拜拜] You know they’ve given up on themselves when they seek pity from anywhere they can get it. ​

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there are some people in the world
we can trust
however no all of them
so you could be hurt
but that's ok
you will become stronger
although people sometimes are tend to ruin themselves,remember you still get a lot of friends who care for you,and you will be better
someday sooner ​ 展开全文c

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jour 310: #我读A Woman Makes a Plan#
If you get to be alive long enough, problems repeat themselves. 不需要long enough,现在很多问题就在重复出现,却不知道去改变。
In health, in business, in life, there is no quick fix.
The best health plan is the sustainable one. 任何计划都是这 ​ 展开全文c

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Don't want to get up, let people fall into, can not extricate themselves, is not love, is the quilt. ​

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想成为一个艺术家,不知羞的展现全部的我自己,每个人可以来获得一部分的我自己,everyone can come here and get a piece of me for themselves, it can be sad, bitter, or wonderland; my projections onto other people is my end goal ​

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"Take the wrong bus and miss the car are not regretful is that there is no end." Hand can touch the cigarette and lighter, this is the sense of security, the most helpless time to find themselves have nothing, you have to get off the station, otherwise it is impolite ​

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People get up every day and tell themselves they're gonna change their life one day. But they never do.每天,人们起床后都会告诉自己,总有一天要改变自己的生活,可是,没人付诸行动。 ​

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It sucks when these people get ostracized just for being themselves.#Peace and Love#

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Why some women objectify themselves? I just don’t get it. Hasn’t the world done enough to you? ​​​

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