His dream
I would like to become a better man and also develop my skills more.
I wish people could recognize more sides of me.
Everyone will come to love me.❤️

My dream
-always love him
-stand by him no matter what
-be happy to see his performance
-pray for his happiness ​ 展开全文c

06月13日 00:17  来自 🐑🧸iPhone X

1.​All I Need
3.​Love No More
4.​Let It Go
5.​Sweet Dream
7.​You Don't Know Me
​8.Lay Low (feat. David Benjamin)
​12.Vinyl (Askery Remix)
​13.Swimming with Sharks
​14.Find A Way
15.​C ​ 展开全文c

04月21日 23:12  来自 iPhone 7 Plus

... 无论去往何方… 皆被斥为异端…,
...撕裂的唇角… 寒风中隐隐作痛…,
No more rage...
No more grief...
...不再有憎恨的理想世界 虽是心中愿景…,
...我的到来是否受人期待 却无任何依据…,
Love me do...
? 究竟为何存活于此?
只为 ​ 展开全文c

03月02日 12:36  来自 iPhone客户端

no love

在乎So you can keep knocking but won't knock me down所以你可以继续犯操蛋 但不可能让我倒下No love lost...

@Driver_Travis 2014年05月28日 03:49

太温柔了啊啊啊啊 从之前的“做我的女孩 像阳光无可取代 我的原则遇你都例外
”再到“I ain't got no love Ain't got no more love for you”再到今天的“You are beautiful so beautiful girl you look beautiful to me”大型恋爱过程现场????爱了爱了KBeautiful

08月10日 14:30  来自 微博 weibo.com

Katy Perry《Love Me
Love me, no more second guessing
No, there’s no more questioning
I’ll be the one to find who I'm gonna be

Good night[月亮]
KLove Me-Katy Perry

Love Me-Katy Perry

艺人:Katy Perry 2013年10月21日发行

08月09日 23:49  来自 iPhone 11 Pro Max

我问女儿:guess how much i love you. 女儿说:i don't know. 我说:i love you,wider than the sky,longer than the time,deeper than the sea.女儿问问:guess how much i love you. 我说:i don't know,maybe just a little. 女儿说:no.i love you,more than u love me.妈妈,我爱你,比宇宙加大海加时 ​ 展开全文c

08月08日 16:24  来自 nova6SE好看拍出来看

you deserve everything.
you get great future.
you the legend.
you King.
no matter what, my heart goes with you anywhere i am. remember this, even if you don't see me (any more). no matter what, my heart goes with you anywhere i am. love you always. just remember this. ​

08月04日 07:10  来自 vivo X23全息幻彩

再深的深情也不能让你再爱我。No deep affection can make you love me any more. ​

07月31日 16:33  来自 OPPO A9x

that love is still there, shakes me deeply and greatly, but now I know, no matter how I loved the term "us", I love myself more as I should ​

07月29日 15:03  来自 荣耀V9 我想要的快

Yesterday Benny asked me what is my biggest fear. I answered "having no freedom". To me, freedom is something that literally is more valuable than life and love. I have also realized from a very young age that I need to be wealthy enough to achieve this goal. I believe the past ​ 展开全文c

07月29日 12:47  来自 HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro

Share track KRemember Me (Dúo) (电影《寻梦环游记》主题曲)
“The real death is that no one in the world remembers you.”

“Remember me before the memory of love disappears.”

The family is more important than the dream.[心]
Mama coco~
papa~ ​

07月17日 22:40  来自 Android

DAY3, Napatn is just like my little sun☀️ , n its sunshine makes me happier and more struggling. No matter what will happen in the future, Ammo will support and love Napatn forever.💛@陈智霆Gun 愿我如星君如月,夜夜流光相皎洁—范成大 (求捞啊[心]
cr:logo ​

07月16日 18:00 转赞人数超过10  来自 gunnapatn超话

i love u so much but u never care of me Since then, strangers, the world only you and me, no more us. O绿洲 L用户7400908110的微博视频

07月15日 17:37  来自 绿洲APP

Do dying girls need more love
no one can save me beside u,
Will I keep on suffering?
How could I love the world. ​

07月15日 16:05  来自 HUAWEI P30

I love me better when I with you.

No more word.


07月14日 16:05  来自 iPhone客户端

Life's short and not time for waste.
No more argument and discouragement.
Cherish ones love me and the loved. ​

07月14日 02:45

I wish this world wasnt like this fuck can somebody tell me how to write my wrongs that's the only thing I want ......i wish she had the same love as i do for her i know she dosent trust me no more and already figured out that she can get better ...........well cant denie she des ​ 展开全文c

07月08日 04:58  来自 微博国际版


但是又无所谓🤷who cares🤷I've already got enough love and security from those who love me🥰don't care if there will be more ppl to love me so no need to pretend to be normal. feel free to love me or leave me💁 ​

07月07日 23:55  来自 ⎋ iPhone XR

I love you more
you have no idea how much you mean to me

.……soooo much……, ​

07月07日 01:55  来自 HUAWEI P20 Pro

My name is Zhang Jingge. I love microblog verymuch.On July 4, 2020, I officially settled in Weibo. No, tobe exact, I started to post microblog.I hope you can support me more, pay attention tomelove you forever.

07月04日 13:57  来自 Redmi Note 8 Pro四摄


“May says that she doesn’t love me no more.”
“May really didn’t love me.” ​

07月02日 22:44  来自 iPhone 11 Pro Max

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