Can you swallow the tongue? Well, she can!! Absence of her lingual frenulum is what gives her the ability to do it!
The frenulum of tongue is a small fold of mucous membrane extending from the floor of the mouth to the midline of the underside of the tongue.
The tongue is attach ​ 展开全文c

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a. soothing especially to the skin or mucous membrane
e.g. He always carries an emollient hand lotion. ​

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Eating cold drink such as ice cream and ice lolly cannot low the body temperature down but reduce the resistance of throat mucous membrane.Meanwhile,it cannot help to quickly provide with water because of high sugar degree and high osmotic pressure.So it will do more good to your ​ 展开全文c

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①conjunctiva 结膜
mucous membrane
③uvea 眼色素层/葡萄膜
④vascular 血管的
⑤iris 虹膜
⑥cornea 角膜
⑦ciliary body 睫状体
⑧choroid 脉络膜
⑨retina 视网膜
⑩lens 晶状体 2北京

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1. partake of吃/喝
2. coagulate凝结
3. mongrel杂种狗
4. curd凝乳
5. poach煮(荷包蛋)
6. ignominious耻辱的
7. olfactory nerve嗅觉神经
8. mucous membrane黏膜
9. receptor感受器
10. cranial nerve颅神经
11. vagus迷走神经
12. oculomot ​ 展开全文c

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【胆囊解剖】fundus body neck infundibulum(漏斗管)
vater ampulla壶腹
papilla 乳头
The Luschka's crypts are mucous membrane indentations of the inner wall of the gall bladder . ​

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我已经连perspiration . mucous membrane 这两个单词都看不懂要查手机了[摊手][摊手][二哈][二哈]简直要狗带 眼花[拜拜][拜拜]

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分享自Sevencastles 《Ulcers》 - March 23, 2015 Ulcers are usually formed on the skin or the area that has a mucous membrane. They are le... - OUlcers


March 23, 2015Ulcers are usually formed on theskin or the area that has a mucous membrane. They a

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Asphyxia:pathological changes caused by lack of oxygen in respired air,resulting in hypoxia and hypercapnia.Asthma:paroxysmal dyspnea accompanied by wheezing caused by a spasm of the bronchial tubes or by swelling of their mucous membrane. ​

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Vesical trigone:trigone of urinary bladder:a smooth triangular portion of the mucous membrane in the fundus of the bladder;two of its corners are the ureteral orifices,with the interureteric fold between them,and its third corner is the internal urethral irifice. ​

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Diarrhea:abnormal frequency and liquidity of fecal discharges.Diverticulum:a circumscribed pouch or sac of variable size occurring normally or created by herniation of the lining mucous membrane through a defect in the muscular coat of a tubular organ.Deglutiton:swallowing. ​

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mucous membrane.黏膜 foreign protein.异性蛋白 non-specific immune response.非特异性免疫蛋白 infections disease.传染病 acquired immunity.获得性免疫 B-cell antigen receptor.B细胞抗原受体 clonal selection.无性选择 complement pathway.补体旁路 antimicrobial peptide.抗微生物肽 [哼][哼]

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#医学英语# Gallbladder polyps 胆囊息肉 are growths or lesions resembling growths (polypoid lesions) in the wall of the gallbladder. True polyps are abnormal accumulations of mucous membrane tissue that would normally be shed by the body. @李哲教你学解剖

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#学医认字#胬肉攀睛,中醫指因眼球結膜增生而突出的肉狀物,其中未遮住角膜的叫“胬肉”a triangular mass of mucous membrane growing from the inner corner of the eye。(遮住角膜的則叫胬肉攀睛) 。 ​

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