Shit gettin' outrageous
Treat us like slaves then they lock us up in cages
Young, black, poor, ain't had a father since a baby
Why you think we skip school and hang out on the pavement?
Why you think we ridin' 'round with choppers off safety?
Streets cutthroat, man, so I'm cu ​ 展开全文c

06月02日 20:38  来自 iPhone

I ain't old Butch Cassidy or Sundance Kid
But I stole your heart with a just one kiss
You were there by my side when the only reward
Was ridin' shotgun in that Honda Accord
You're my partner in crime when you take my hand
You make me feel like, a wanted man ​

2018年05月10日 18:24  来自 Sony XZ2C Android

Don't you know you're ridin' with the KING. He's on a mission of mercy to the new frontier. ​

2015年05月15日 21:10  来自 iPhone 5s

Hanging out with one of my heroes at the thrifties newstand, ClaraHughes_ you legend, keep ridin'! O网页链接

2014年04月21日 23:54  来自 微博

本来今晚很困的,从bleeding love 到 riding with the king,大半夜听节奏这么强的歌,完蛋了。over egg ! Don't you know you're ridin' with king ~!@#¥%……&* 这张专辑是BB King 和 Eric Clapton合作的。god,还有多少好歌,放马过来吧! ​

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