3262. drum up

📜 drum up
🇺🇸 to try hard to get support or business
🇨🇳 竭力争取(支持);兜揽(生意)
📒 Somehow, we need to drum up some new business. 不管怎样,我们需要兜揽一些新业务。


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3253. for once

📜 for once
🇺🇸 on this occasion only, as an exception
🇨🇳 就(这)一次;破例一回
📒 Be honest for once. 诚实点,哪怕就这一次。


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3260. line something up

📜 line up something
🇺🇸 to succeed in getting something
🇨🇳 成功获得
📒 He has been trying to line up support for his proposals. 他一直努力为自己的提案寻求支持。


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