#SwatchTime# NATASHA DENONA ‘LILA’ PALETTE 友尽试色对比。全盘DUPE色号如下:
per se vs Makeup Geek 色号: vintage
Viola vs Strobe Cosmetics色号 : Urban Princess
Amara vs Makeup Geek色号 : bitten
Cyclone vs Beauty Escape Cosmetics 色号: Phoenix
Nude Vino vs Makeup Geek ​ 展开全文c

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森林驿站 树是梧桐树,城是南京城,一句梧桐美,种满南京城
The tree is the phoenix tree, the city is Nanjing City, a sycamore beauty, is full of Nanjing city. 2石家庄

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成果 There's a beauty that never forgets. One day gone, thinking like crazy. The Phoenix flies, and the world seeks its mate. But beauty is not in the east wall. I will talk and write my heart. When I see Xu Xi, comfort me in my hesitation. Willing to speak with virtue, h ​ 展开全文c

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【浅滩计划】03月17日1145-1245时,矿船“美丽凤凰/PHOENIX BEAUTY”(舟山得信)过浅滩进口。 ​​​​

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Truth may seem, but cannot be;
Beauty brag, but'his not she;
Truth and beauty buried be.

——《The Phoenix and the Turtle》
by William Shakespeare

真,美,双双被埋葬。 2南京·南京邮电大学仙林校区-图书馆

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O网页链接 Being somewhat new to Phoenix, I am still constantly amazed at the beauty you can find right outside your backdoo… ​

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Phoenix United States, is after Nirvana ; Nabi 's beauty , is in the cocoon after . 凤凰之美,是在涅槃之后; 彩蝶之美,是在破茧之后。 ​

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