LyleBeniga&Devin Jamison's class from Kinjaz Kamp SD
一时考古一时爽 一直考古一直爽😃 后面的观众好像是Just jerk诶🤣
看他跳舞太舒服了 我的精神食粮lyle[给你小心心][给你小心心][给你小心心] LVvvvvinh_落落的微博视频

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Kinjaz Dojo舞团,大神Lyle和Devin,利落的Lyrical编舞《Shifted Thoughts》! L顶尖街舞赛事的微博视频

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#Shifted Thoughts (Original Mix)[音乐]# ​

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Most of the people around you are really stupid, they don’t know who they are and what they are doing. Their attentions and thoughts are constantly shifted by the mass media and other stupid people around them. It’s kind of pathetic thinking about that. ​

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#这就是街舞# 超强编舞师阵容—“战神”Lyle Beniga 】出生于1984年的Lyle Beniga在美国Urban Dance圈里是一个前辈看重,后辈瞻望的男神。在这首Mazde的《Shifted Thoughts》中,他行云流水般的动作也重新定义了街舞。这!就是街舞,这就是Lyle Beniga。LLyle Beniga强势加盟《这!就是街舞》 ​​​​

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超级爱这首歌[小黄人剪刀手]想婚礼也用这首歌[哈哈]分享 Mazde;La Mar 的歌曲《Shifted Thoughts (Or...》KShifted Thoughts (Original Mix) (分享自@虾米音乐) ​

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【唯舞】Lyle Beniga & Devin Jamison 编舞 Shifted ThoughtsL秒拍视频 ..★★视频详情、下载视频、试听音乐,请访问O网页链接

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Lyle&Devin利落Lyrical编舞Shifted Thoughts L秒拍视频 . ​

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通过@微盘 下载了@电悦台 分享的"【电悦台】Mazde - Shifted Thoughts (feat...",推荐给大家! O网页链接

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通过@微盘 下载了@电悦台 分享的"【电悦台】Mazde - Shifted Thoughts (feat...",推荐给大家! O网页链接

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【耳机福利】轻盈向Shifted Thoughts (feat. La Mar) UP主:电喵大战皮卡丘 L【耳机福利】轻盈向Shifted Thoughts (feat. La Mar)

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"his thoughts shifted to why George was in the chair, but not the bed. Did he snore? Move around too much? He would have to ask him why when he woke up. But first, he needed to get George back to the bed."这样的康妮太可爱了![心]

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