“Tunisia: repression + absence of social justice + denial of channels for peaceful change
= a ticking bomb.” (Views on Jasmine Revolution)
Quote from why nations fail (D Acemoglu, J Robinson) ​

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老师说他10年跟着联合国去突尼斯,给钱给工作,没想到三个月后就爆发了Jasmine Revolution。才知道突尼斯的国花也是茉莉花。中国异议分子连搞个运动都要抄袭。。。 ​

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当我四十岁的时候,身体健康,略有积蓄,已婚,丈夫体贴,孩子听话,有一份真正喜欢的工作,这就是成功,不必成名,也不必发财。@Jasmine-0511 @April-revolution @涐强嚴欢笑 @请叫z-小姐 @你已年老_我还年少 我在:2攀枝花大道东段

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【Democracy Digest|Egypt Unrest】Egypt’s workers in the June 2013 ‘People’s Coup Revolution’ Link:O网页链接 Egypt’s workers and independent labor unions played a significant and under-reported role in the country’s Jasmine revolution... (Source:Stanford.edu) ​

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