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Video version, I dunno how to add subtitle in the video, so I typed our conversation, but I can’t do it in the caption, they squeezed into one paragraph, please see the 2nd picture and please ignore my voice 🙈

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Channel 4: 库特哈德:Vettel squeezed Verstappen into Raikkonen...there you go, look at Vettel, look at Vettel, Max was just trying to get out of the way there...Kimi was on a consistent line, I gotta say Seb closed them down, and that was the catalyst for this accident, Kimi was ​ 展开全文c

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23 Chinese mainland universities squeezed into best 500 in 2011 Academic Ranking of World Universities. Tsinghua University is best among all domestic universities. 2011年全球前500名大学名单公布,23所内地大学名列其中。清华、北大、复旦、上海交大等均列为前300。O网页链接

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